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P & H MinePro, Crane Door System

Custom Cranes, Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication

WF worked with P & H MinePro to design, supply, and install two 100 tonne cranes and a crane door system for its Ft. McMurray Facility in 2009. In 2010, P & H planned to construct a similar facility at its Mesa, Arizona, facility and asked WF to design and manufacture its crane door.

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Russel Metals, Heavy Steel Warehouse Cranes

Custom Cranes, Standard Overhead Cranes, Steel Handling

Russel approached WF in early 2014 to assist with preliminary design and budgets for a project involving heavy steel warehouse cranes. The cranes were tendered in spring and WF was awarded the contract the following summer. Cranes were delivered installed in 2015.

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Magnet Lifting System

Custom Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication

WF was tasked with implementing a magnet lifting system. We fabricated the steel and delivered it from trucks to storage locations or machine feeds.

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Finning, Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Custom Cranes

Finning’s project required 16 cranes ranging for 20 to 50 tonnes that would need to provide maximum hook coverage without sacrificing the size or reliability of the equipment. It would be the largest single crane order in our company’s history.

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Custom Support Structures

Custom Cranes, Oil & Gas, Standard Overhead Cranes

This is a 138’ span 5 tonne Electric Spark resistant Electric crane for hazardous location for the Hardisty site in 2011.

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Steel Handling Yard for Class D Service

Custom Cranes, Standard Overhead Cranes, Steel Handling

This project included design, fabrication, transport, installation, commission, and testing of 2 Heavy Duty Steel Handling cranes CMAA Class D for a Steel process and warehousing company back in 2007.

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Heavy Duty Cranes

Standard Overhead Cranes

In 2008, this project included design, fabrication, transport, installation, commission, and testing of 3 heavy duty cranes for a Southern Alberta Concrete Precast manufacturer.

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Deep Cut Gas Plant Expansion

Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication, Steel Handling, Structural Steel Fabrication

In 2012, WF was sourced by TAHK Projects to complete structural fabrication of a gas plant expansion. TAHK’s role was delivering completed modules to site, including all mechanical. With successful delivery of the modules necessary for field crews to begin work, schedules were tight. WF ensured TAHK met deadlines and the project succeeded on schedule.

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Barge Pontoons

Custom Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing

In 2009, WF worked on a barge project designed to assist in tailings pond reclamation efforts. WF was selected to fabricate the pontoons and main structural components. The pontoons were designed in Houston by an engineering group familiar with marine design, leading to some unique fabrication requirements. WF fabricated and leak tested the pontoons prior to shipment to a module yard where the entire barge was trial fit.

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Terminal Expansion

Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication, Structural Steel Fabrication

KinderMorgan began their Edmonton Terminal Expansion in 2012 and WF was awarded the contract for all structural steel work. This project required over 900 tonnes of steel.

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Centrifuge Buildings

Custom Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication, Steel Handling

WF fabricated three centrifuge buildings at one of our shops. The client required full assembly of all structural steel as well as grating, handrails, platforms and monorail.

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Separator Building

Manufacturing, Modular Fabrication, Structural Steel Fabrication

Designed as three separate modular pieces, these buildings were meant to be constructed individually and stacked on site when installed. WF built five such buildings, including handrails, ladders, and grating.

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Custom Steel Fabrication, Manufacturing, Structural Steel Fabrication

WF was awarded a vessel platform contract (both circular and square) for 30 vessels on a local site expansion. The total scope for this project was 135 vessel platforms and 79 caged ladders. WF was responsible for all structural design and fabrication of these platforms.

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