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WF was awarded a vessel platform contract (both circular and square) for 30 vessels on a local site expansion. The total scope for this project was 135 vessel platforms and 79 caged ladders. WF was responsible for all structural design and fabrication of these platforms.

Why WF was chosen

WF is very experienced in the design and fabrication of circular vessel platforms. WF provided client references of prior successful projects that had been completed.

Project Challenges countered with WF Solutions

  1. International work: While the job site was in Alberta, WF’s contract was with a Spanish company who served as the general contractor on site. All documentation had to be submitted to an office in Spain for review. Project management was also based in Spain. WF adjusted work times to accommodate the time difference, ensuring conference calls could be held as required to maintain project schedule.
  2. No Trial Fit: Due to the time required to fabricate the 30 vessels, many were completed before the platforms were built. This eliminated the opportunity to trial fit any of the platforms prior to shipment to the site. WF successfully fabricated all platforms and ladders accurately and received no NCRs.

Project Details


Custom Steel Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabrication


WF delivered their own product directly to site, which worked very well for us, as their pricing was a fraction of what we would have spent with a larger carrier.
—Dave Collin, Construction Team Lead, GBU

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