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Jib Crane Manufacturer

WF Steel & Crane can provide Jib Crane solutions ranging in lifting capacity from 125 kg to 5 tons. Our Jib Crane solutions are highly customizable and will be perfectly suited to the requirements of your lifting needs.

Wall Jib Crane

A Wall Jib Crane is wall mounted and lifts lightweight parts during the production process allowing separate manufacturing stations to transfer materials moving through the manufacturing process.

Column Jib Crane

Column Jib Cranes lift light and medium loads between process areas where separate manufacturing stations are required for the main cranes in the building.

Industrial Jib Crane

Our Industrial Jib Cranes lift heavy loads during industrial production processes. For heavy duty production processes, our Industrial Jib Cranes are part of your custom solution.

Raising the Bar: Jib Crane Versatility

Jib cranes are incredibly versatile. They can be wall mounted or column mounted, include standard rotation drive or electric rotation drive, have chain or cable lifting hoists, and either hoist trolley, push trolley, or electric trolley. Our Jib Cranes can have rotation ranges of 108º, 270º, 350º or 360º, with control type options including fixed button panel, movable button panel, or a radio controlled.

The right Jib Crane solution also depends on:

  • Type of foundations, for column cranes
  • Type of fixing for wall jib cranes: metal, concrete or wall column
  • Lifting capacity
  • Boom length
  • Column height
  • Hook travel
  • Location

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