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Potash Corp, Head Frame #2 Penthouse 56 Tonne Crane

WF won a RFP from Potash Corporation in early 2011. Potash, unsatisfied with the performance of a WF competitor, enlisted WF to develop a crane to meet their needs on a difficult project.

Why WF was chosen

WF was one of only a few manufacturers capable of hosting a 56 tonne load over 320 feet at a speed of 30 feet per minute. Our partner and hoist supplier, GH, was capable of meeting the design criteria in a specified time frame. Having worked with Potash in the past, both client and provider were confident in the project.

Project Challenges countered with WF Solutions

  1. Stringent Design Criteria:  The penthouse crane served numerous functions. Its primary function was to construct and maintain the main headframe hoist, which is among the most critical pieces of equipment in Potash’s operation. It was also needed to hoist construction materials up a narrow shaft to multiple levels of the building for construction (up to and including 320 feet). The penthouse level required maximum floor hook coverage. To accomplish this, the main hoist was designed with an extraordinary large drive and reeving. This reeving reduced the wire rope required, and kept the trolley gauge to a minimum. High speed auxiliary monorail hoists were fit to the underside of each girder to service the different floor levels throughout construction. All hoists and travel functions were powered by Magnetek Impulse VFDs, with analog variable speed control. This gave the operator the ability to control a 56 tonne load from one hand-held remote, providing accuracy within a fraction of inch.
  2. Project was supply only: The crane was supply only, meaning it would be installed by an outside contractor. This required special design provisions to ensure that the contractor would be able to assemble and install the crane without expertise. Accordingly, the crane was modularly constructed as it was too large to transport together. WF assembled and tested the crane at our plant, ensuring safety and proper construction. Following the test, we disassembled, packaged, and transported the parts, ensuring all were match-marked and erection drawings coded the pieces. WF used bolted connections and quick connect plugs. The assembly went smoothly.

Project Details


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Since 2013, we have trusted WF Steel and Crane to be our partner on multiple project. They provide exceptional fabrication in record on time. The WF Steel and Crane team helps ensure that we exceed client expectations.
—Brent Field, Aecon, Project Manager

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