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100 ton Crane for Vessel Manufacturing

This project included design, fabrication, transport, installation, commission, and testing of 4 heavy capacity cranes for an Edmonton boiler fabricator.

The original 50 ton spanning 90ft and 100 ton spanning 70ft cranes were ordered in 2004 and installed in 2005.

This customer ordered a twin 50 ton crane in 2006 and a 65 ton crane for their prep. Shop in 2008.

One of the photos shows the 125% proof load testing of the 50 ton hoisting 125,000 lbs of steel weights.

In 2012 the same customer had us modernize (2) 25 ton and (1) 50 ton crane for their fabrication area.

The cranes were structurally repaired and fit with new hoists, end trucks drives, and electrics.

WF also designed a custom crane door system to meet the customer’s criteria of having a 60’ High x 90’ clear opening when the doors are opened completely.

Each door system was fit with electric operators controlled by wall mounted push buttons.

Project Details

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Custom Cranes
Standard Overhead Cranes


WF Steel & Crane has exceeded our expectations on partnering with Russel Metals on the development of our greenfield site by supplying us with seven Class D overhead bridge cranes and two smaller floor mounted gantry cranes and a crane way system.

WF has been the most price competitive crane company. Our previous WF cranes built with GH components have performed well over the last 10 years, which left us with the confidence to continue with the partnership.  WF’s in house engineering team has proven to be very flexible and understanding throughout the process, which added to our confidence.  It is also a nice addition when the crane manufacturer has an in house service department.  WF Steel & Cranes has a team of service technicians who are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to their work and their safety.  When the technicians leave the site there is no mess, which can’t always be said for other overhead crane service companies.

I would highly recommend WF Steel & Crane to anyone has a need for their services.

Robert (R.J) Weisner, Branch Manager
Russel Metals Edmonton

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