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About WF Steel & Crane

WF Steel & Crane is a Canadian owned and operated private corporation that was founded in 1987

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Our workforce of highly qualified and dedicated employees bring numerous years of experience to the design and fabrication of structural steel and overhead cranes.

WF prides itself on the high level of quality manufacturing we provide to our customers. Quality is the focus from quote to customer delivery and our quality & safety programs are always evolving and improving to better serve our customers.

Crane Manufacturing and Structural Steel Processing and Fabrication Facility


602 – 22 Avenue, Nisku, Alberta

Our crane fabrication and service department are based out of this location and we also have a recently expanded steel fabrication area. The structural fabrication area is setup primarily for stick steel fabrication but can also accommodate assembled modules.

Structural Fabrication Area: 28,600 ft 2
Outside Crane way Area: 64,000 ft 2
Graveled storage area 6.1 acres Crane
Fabrication Area: 25,000 ft 2
Indoor Parts Storage Area: 9,600 ft 2

Structural Steel Fabrication Facility


2107 – 6 Street, Nisku, Alberta

This shop is used for structural steel fabrication and with 28’ under the hook, it is ideal for module assembly.  This plant has 40 welding stations for maximizing production capacity.

Fabrication Area: 36,000 ft 2
Outside Crane way Area: 12,000 ft 2
Includes Gravel storage yard sitting on 6.5 acres

Heavy Structural Steel and Module Assembly Fabrication Facility


410 – 24 Avenue, Nisku, Alberta

This shop is our main shop for assembled fabrication. We are able to assemble modules up to 24ft wide, 25ft high and 150ft long in each bay. The shop also has additional fitting/welding stations so stick fabrication can continue while large assemblies are underway. This shop has a CNC beamline with a large band saw, drill, and coper that are all fed data from our modeling software.

Fabrication Area: 27,000 ft 2
Covered Shop Crane way Area: 18,000 ft 2
Outside Covered Crane way Area: 24,000 ft 2
Graveled storage area 2.1 acres

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