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Project Varsteel Saskatoon

Varsteel is a Canadian owned and operated Steel Service Center that has branches all over Western Canada. They have been operating for over 60 years.

Varsteel chose WF to design and supply the cranes for their new Steel Service Center Warehouse in Saskatoon.  WF had previously supplied similar cranes for their Delta BC (2014) and Leduc AB (2016) warehouses and Varsteel awarded the Saskatoon project to WF as they were pleased with the value and reliability of the previous equipment.  Saskatoon project was awarded in January 2019.

Project Details


Custom Cranes
Modular Fabrication
Steel Warehousing

The project requirements was to design, supply, and Install

  • (6) 10 ton CMAA Class D Top Running Double Girder Cranes for steel handling.  Each crane was fit with (2) 5 ton high speed hoists and all were remote control operated.
  • All cranes motors were powered by Variable Frequency Drives for superior performance and motor control.  In addition, all hoists were fit with express speed feature, meaning that the hoists will operate in express speed when the carrying loads on the hooks are less than 25% capacity. For additional safety, the system includes a hoist synchronization system, to ensure both hoists operate at the same speed.  This prevents one hoist from operating in express speed while the second hoist is handling more than 25% capacity and hoisting at regular speed.
  • Bridge wheels were machined from heavy steel and the wheel treads and flanges were flame hardened to prolong wheel life and reduce maintenance down time.
Project was completed and commissioned in January 2020

Project Images

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