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Barge Pontoons

In 2009, WF worked on a barge project designed to assist in tailings pond reclamation efforts. WF was selected to fabricate the pontoons and main structural components. The pontoons were designed in Houston by an engineering group familiar with marine design, leading to some unique fabrication requirements. WF fabricated and leak tested the pontoons prior to shipment to a module yard where the entire barge was trial fit.

Why WF was chosen

WF was chosen due to our extensive and successful history with the general contractor on this project.

Project Challenges countered with WF Solutions

  1. Size of Pontoons: While WF’s shop was large enough to build the pontoons, their size presented complexities. As a result, WF had to design specialized rigging and weld procedures to meet the client’s requirements. To meet the leak testing standards, each bay was filled with water prior to coating the pontoons.

Project Details


Custom Steel Fabrication


I highly recommend WF Steel and Crane, by involving the WF team earlier in the design cycle, we were able to leverage their expertise on connection design and steel fabrication. They offer significant cost savings by ensuring the design is efficient for the application.
—Dave Collin, Construction Team Lead, GBU

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