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Finning, Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Finning’s project required 16 cranes ranging for 20 to 50 tonnes that would need to provide maximum hook coverage without sacrificing the size or reliability of the equipment. It would be the largest single crane order in our company’s history.

Why WF was chosen

Finning was familiar with our company from past successful projects, including Finning’s West Edmonton expansion in 2009.

We were chosen because we were able to provide Finning with all of their desired special options at a reasonable cost. Our manufacturing capabilities gave the contractor the confidence that we could manufacture and deliver all 16 cranes in the required time frame.

The Challenge

A lengthy year long procurement process due to the the stringent crane design criteria caused Finning’s project to run behind schedule.

The Solution

Using our in-house expertise, we developed a special installation plan that would allow us to install the heavy duty capacity cranes and permitted Finning to continue with construction so they could meet their project deadline.

Our Process

We added auxiliary trolley and hoists to the underside of one crane girder on each crane, which allowed Finning to get accurate hook coverage to the long travel limits, maximizing their workable floor space.

  1. We fit the cranes with high speed motors and variable speed control, improving performance and working efficiencies. The main hoists were used as occasional lifts, reducing future maintenance.
  2. Due to the complex control requirements, Finning wanted to maximize user flexibility with the cranes while maintaining the utmost safety standards. Therefore, we supplied Flex Wireless remote systems with tandem crane control capability.
  3. The remote systems meant that one single crane remote had the ability to operate Crane A, Crane B, or both in tandem – simply using a selector switch on the handheld control. A critical lift using two cranes that would typically need to be performed with two individual operators was reduced to one operator.
  4. The potential hazard of poor communication between operators was eliminated and allowed one operator to operate the equipment in complete unison to maximize safety. The system was also fit with individual remotes that allowed single operator and crane operation.

We provided our largest single crane order in the company’s history on time and on budget.


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Since 2013, we have trusted WF Steel and Crane to be our partner on multiple project. They provide exceptional fabrication in record on time. The WF Steel and Crane team helps ensure that we exceed client expectations.
—Brent Field, Aecon, Project Manager

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