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Magnet Lifting System

WF was tasked with implementing a magnet lifting system. We fabricated the steel and delivered it from trucks to storage locations or machine feeds.

Why was WF chosen

Our system eliminates hazardous and unnecessary manipulation of large plate or steel. It allows for faster unloading and easy manipulation, producing long term savings for our client.

Project Challenges

  1. New system, new challenges: As the magnet lifting system is still relatively new technology, new methods had to be developed to ensure safe delivery and installation. WF developed new hazard assessments, training materials, and procedures.
  2. Winter lifting conditions: It was important to ensure the lifts would work at any time of year and in any condition. We ensured the lifts were safe for year‐round operation. We improved lifting beam design to eliminate damage to component wiring.

Project Details


Custom Steel Fabrication
Modular Fabrication


WF Steel & Crane has exceeded our expectations on partnering with Russel Metals on the development of our greenfield site by supplying us with seven Class D overhead bridge cranes and two smaller floor mounted gantry cranes and a crane way system.

WF has been the most price competitive crane company. Our previous WF cranes built with GH components have performed well over the last 10 years, which has given us the confidence to continue on with the partnership. WF’s in house engineering team has proven to be very flexible and understanding throughout the process, which added to our confidence. It is also a nice addition when the crane manufacturer has an in house service department. WF Steel & Cranes has a team of service technicians who are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to their work and their safety. When the technicians leave the site there is no mess, which can’t always be said for other overhead crane service companies.

I would highly recommend WF Steel & Crane to anyone has a need for their services.

Robert (R.J) Weisner,
Branch Manager
Russel Metals Edmonton

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