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Our History

Our history has shaped who we are as a company.  WF Steel & Crane strives to be the leading crane manufacturer and structural steel supplier in Western Canada.  We value community involvement and building long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.


W.F. Welding & Overhead Cranes is incorporated and begins serving Alberta’s lifting and structural steel projects.


W.F. Welding & Overhead Cranes is purchased from the original owners by 4 equal partners 25 employees operate out of one 12,000 square foot shop in Nisku, Alberta.


WF partners with GH Cranes, a significant player with over 50 years experience in the global crane industry allowing capacity to complete large projects Construction begins on a new 27,000 square foot shop to more than double the current fabrication capacity.


Construction is completed of the new shop allowing WF to compete on larger structural steel jobs.


WF agrees to use GH Hoists exclusively on crane projects because their products’ performance exceeds our expectations.


WF invests in CNC steel processing machinery to increase production capacity and quality.


WF purchases a 3rd property dedicated to crane fabrication to meet record crane sales demand.


To satisfy the increasing demand for WF Cranes, construction of a new 46,000 square foot shop is started.


Opened new locations to expand reach and better facilitate partners WF rebranded to WF Steel & Crane and launched a new website to showcase the ability to provide the best quality structural steel and lifting solutions to global partners and affiliates.


WF Steel & Crane purchases new building located at 2107-6th street Nisku (formerly named Plant 3), now “SOUTH PLANT”. The shop fabrication area is 48,000 sq ft so the original Plant 1 705-23 ave location is no longer needed and closed. In addition, SOUTH PLANT has a 15,000 sq ft office to facilitate growth in the future.

Our customers are part of our history and are the most important part of our future.

WF Steel & Crane looks forward to continuing to pursue meaningful partnerships with our customers and building solutions together.


WF expands Crane Service into the BC and Ontario Markets through their acquisition of the aftermarket division assets of CRS Cranesystems. By adding the CRS service locations and employees, WF now has the ability to reach more customers throughout Canada. Existing WF customers nationwide now benefit from the additional service locations, specifically in Langley BC, and Mississauga ON, to better serve the local market. WF continues to ensure that the CRS service customers receivethe high-quality service that they have come to expect. CRS customers, in addition to the current CRS brand, now benefit from accessing the WF crane brand that includes an in-house engineering team and comes with GH components. WF’s customers are part of the company’s history and the most important part of the future. WF Steel & Crane looks forward to continuing to pursue meaningful partnerships with our customers and building solutions together.

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