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Separator Building

Designed as three separate modular pieces, these buildings were meant to be constructed individually and stacked on site when installed. WF built five such buildings, including handrails, ladders, and grating.

Why WF was chosen

WF’s shop capabilities proved to be a differentiator. Overhead crane assembly at our shop rather than a module yard reduced costs and improved delivery times.

Project Challenges countered with WF Solutions

  1. Sequencing: The mechanical contractor requested different parts of the buildings at different times, so trial fit wasn’t an option. With the use of our CNC equipment and established quality procedures, WF as able to fabricate the modules accurately with no fit-up issues on site.
  2. Collaborative Design: WF was involved in the initial design phase to offer a fabricator’s perspective in areas such as connection design. Given the success of this project, WF has been involved in the initial design on many other projects with this client since.

Project Details


Modular Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabrication


When late steel requirements were added to their scope, WF was able to slip extra work into the production line with our other work which was a great help in our schedule driven site work.
—Dave Collin, Construction Team Lead, GBU

Project Images

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