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Deep Cut Gas Plant Expansion

In 2012, WF was sourced by TAHK Projects to complete structural fabrication of a gas plant expansion. TAHK’s role was delivering completed modules to site, including all mechanical. With successful delivery of the modules necessary for field crews to begin work, schedules were tight. WF ensured TAHK met deadlines and the project succeeded on schedule.

Why WF was chosen

WF was able to generate shop drawings and fabricate the steel to meet the tight deadlines. This was WF and TAHK’s first project together, and since then WF has become a preferred vendor. WF was also selected to complete subsequent additions to this plant in 2015.

Project Challenges countered with WF Solutions.

  1. Condensed Schedule: Structural steel was one of the last areas to be awarded, so WF had to start drafting immediately. Drawing approval times were condensed so WF requested to communicate directly with the owner’s engineering group to expedite the process. WF was able to import plant models provided by the engineering group to ensure that there were no clashes between the various disciplines.
  2. Constructability: The original plan was for the modules to be sent to a module yard and assembled, with the finished product shipped to site to be set into place. After discussion, each module was partially assembled in WF’s shop and then shipped to site directly for final assembly.  This approach reduced the steel erection time on site while having a minimal impact on transport costs and saved costs at the module yard.

Project Details


Modular Fabrication
Steel Handling
Structural Steel Fabrication


Since 2013, we have trusted WF Steel and Crane to be our partner on multiple project. They provide exceptional fabrication in record on time. The WF Steel and Crane team helps ensure that we exceed client expectations.
—Brent Field, Aecon, Project Manager

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