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Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane, also known as a bridge crane or a gantry crane, is a machine that can be used to lift, lower and move heavy loads in various industrial settings. It consists of an upper fixed beam (known as the bridge) with one or two movable sections that run on tracks known as the runway. This lifting equipment is typically used in construction sites, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

The Bridge and Hoist

The bridge runs along two parallel overhead tracks held up by support columns at either end. The hoist, made up of drums, chains, hooks, and other components, travels along this structure and enables the crane to load and unload cargo from one area to another. Depending on the size and type of overhead crane being used, it can carry loads ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds in total weight!

Overhead Crane Control Systems

At the heart of any overhead crane’s operation are its control systems. Electric motors drive the hoist mechanism, which allows for precise movements when loading and unloading cargo; these motors are powered by electricity supplied through cables running alongside the runway or directly from the facility’s power grid if present. In some cases, additional safety features such as emergency stop buttons may be included alongside regular operating controls to ensure that operations are carried out safely.

In addition to electric motors, hydraulic cylinders may be incorporated into an overhead crane’s design to help it reach higher levels or turn tighter corners when navigating through narrow spaces. This equipment can also be fitted with radio remote control units so that operators can manoeuvre loads wirelessly instead of using physical controls nearby.

Overhead cranes provide a hugely beneficial service within specific industries; they enable craftsmen to more accurately place items where they need them while simultaneously reducing labor costs associated with manual lifting activities – plus they can often be operated remotely for even greater convenience! With increased safety regulations now in place around their use, however it’s essential that employers ensure operators are correctly trained so that these machines are continuously operated correctly for optimal results.

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