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GH Transfer Carts

WF Steel & Crane is the authorized Canadian Distributor of GH Manufactured Cranes and Components.

Transfer carts are designed to move material laterally from bay to bay or from inside a building to outside.   Transfer carts are able to move material that is out of reach of the overhead cranes or is too bulky or heavy for standard forklifts.

Transfer carts can be customized to whatever size or capacity is required up to 500 ton.

There are (2) available powering options available:

  1. Electric drive for 600 or 480 Volt AC with Power cable Reel
  2. DC Electric (cordless), powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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Either of the above can be constructed to work on rails or can be fitted with steerable rubber tires for regular concrete floor service.

We are confident that we can design and supply a cart to serve any industrial application. Please fill out our request for quote form, to receive more information.

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