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GH Marine Solutions

WF Steel & Crane is the authorized Canadian Distributor of GH Manufactured Cranes and Components.

GH specializes in the design and manufacturing of all types of marine craft handling equipment, for both wet and dry dock applications.  Whether you need to hoist watercraft from the water to ground transport, watercraft to dry storage, or for watercraft rotation, GH can design the specialized equipment needed to meet whatever requirement.

GH Marine Jib Cranes

Also known as nautical jib cranes. These cranes are mounted to the dry dock and can spin 360 degrees to load watercraft onto the water or remove them from the water to dry dock storage.

Designed for maximum performance, the GH marine jib cranes are designed to work in extreme marine environments. They can optionally include a frame and slings, for lifting the boats.

The arm enables a rotation of 360º.

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GH Dry Dock Boat Cranes

GH develops custom Watercraft handling and storage equipment that allows a boat storehouse to safely handle and store watercraft for their customers.

Flexible, Fast, and Safe.

GH marine boat hoists are designed to optimize your handling and maneuvering to get the most out of your boatyard, no matter how complicated it is, to place boats just where you need them, just as fast as you need them. Safety is prioritized as all equipment comes with the latest technology for safe material handling. The equipment has electric motors therefore the equipment is emission-free and environmentally friendly with no carbon footprint.

There are 4 types of models available.

  1. Roof-mounted Support. This design has a bridge crane that is supported by the roof of the warehouse and that supports a stacker to handle and store boats. The advantage is that the floor is clear of equipment.

  1. Floor Mounted Mast.

The boat hoist stacker is supported by a bridge crane that runs along the floor. The advantage is lower cost as it avoids heavy overhead structure and simply rides on rails on the floor.

  1. Boat Launcher.

This a dock-mounted launcher to set and remove watercraft from the water.

  1. Automated Platform

This system is a fully automated boat storage system that removes watercraft from the water, warehouses them, and then returns them back to the water when needed.

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