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GH Automotive Gantry Crane

WF Steel & Crane is the authorized Canadian Distributor of GH Manufactured Cranes and Components.

When you need to lift and move heavy loads in open spaces and want more capability and stability than what a forklift can deliver, consider an automotive gantry crane (AGC) manufactured by GH Cranes & Components.

All gantry cranes can be customized ranging in capacities from 20 tons up to 600 tons.  Cranes can be fitted with one hoist or multiple hoists for multi-point synchronized lifts.

(AGCs)Variable Speed Control for precision lifting and maximum productivity.

3 Powering Options are available.

  1. Hydraulic powered by Diesel Generator.
  2. Electric powered by Diesel Generator.
  3. GREEN Version, Electric powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries. Solar panel option available (


GH (AGCs) are fit with Steerable Rubber All-Terrain tires that allow the gantry to move in any direction and anywhere in the warehouse or yard as they are not restricted to their own rail systems like standard gantry cranes.

  • Solid tires (optional): These are filled with a specific polyurethane mixture that cures on the inside, which in turn increases the load capacity they support by 15%.
  • Rim supports: If a tire is punctured, these prevent loss of equilibrium.

GH customizes AGCs for all different types of industries and applications such as,

  • Concrete Pre-cast Industry.
  • Steel Warehousing.
  • Steel Fabrication.
  • Railway Yards.
  • Ship yards.
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • GH Specializes in Automated Gantry Cranes for Marine use – Automotive Marine Gantry Crane

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